Driver mirror Glasses Day and Night – Night vision Glasses anti headlight glare driving mirror

Driver mirror Glasses Day and Night :


$4 – $5/PCS

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Night vision goggles riding sports driving driver mirror day and night night vision glasses anti headlight glare driving mirror.

Photographed and delivered glasses bag and glasses cloth] The lens adopts upgraded PC lens, explosion-proof lens that can not be smashed, high definition, stylish style, more sporty. It is the lightest material and the most high-definition material in the industry at present. It is about 40% lighter than ordinary resin lenses, and the clarity is more than 10 times that of general resin lenses. Black lenses are used for daytime sunshade. The yellow lens is worn on cloudy days or at night when the light is dim. It can brighten, drive to soften the light, reduce the stimulation of the headlights and strong light on the eyes, and make the vision clearer.

The ordinary model is a black matte frame, and the upgraded model is a black paint frame with bright colors. This model can be worn regardless of sports, riding, driving, wind and sand, sports riding and driving. [It is recommended to use daytime and nighttime + nighttime and nighttime pairing options, Post, and Best Express by default.