Mouse Reject Device – Anti-catching Mouse artifact buster 2020

Mouse Reject Device :



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Ultrasonic rat repelled household electric cat rodent control device strong glue electronic anti-catching mouse artifact buster.


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It works very well. There are two mice in the house. I always hear the rat nibbling at night. It is useless to buy mouse stickers. Then buy this and try it out. The mouse repellent was disassembled when it arrived, and the location was turned on according to the instructions. It was still active a few days ago. I haven’t felt any movement in the past two days. It is good to deal with the cunning things like mice. I ca n’t see the mouse anymore, and there is no mouse corpse. It ’s really easy to use. I have recommended many friends to buy it. The delivery speed is fast and the logistics is fast. It ’s really easy to use. It ’s small and convenient. I did n’t hear the sound. I am afraid of mice, so I do n’t have to worry about seeing mice.


It has been installed for many days. I did n’t hear the sound of the mouse. The mouse repellent was used as soon as it was received. There are always a lot of mice running around in the ceiling of our office, very annoyed, and afraid that it will bite the wire. Look. I ca n’t see it, and I ca n’t hit it. I am afraid that it will die in the ceiling when using the medicine. The effect is quite good. It is more convenient to put it on the ceiling. Just take it down and put it in the office. I am very satisfied. It is indeed a magical rodent repellent, a small and compact machine, and the rodent repellent effect is very useful.