SALE Amplifier Swallow LAD LD 3131 T Wale Calling Machine – Swiftlet Amplifier 2020

Amplifier LAD LD 3131 T Wale 2020 / 3USB :



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Swiftlet Amplifier LAD LD 3131 T Caller Machine Swallow Professional Amplifier wave system For Swiftlet Farming With 3 ways USB / SD player. With 20 TIMES timer settings. 6 CH speaker output, each channel can be independent control. With a high class display, all stations can show on LED Aluminum panels and handles. Professional high power electrical source. Full function protect system. Low noise and low distortion.


Swallow bird caller amp

  • 6 CH speaker Output
  • 3 CH USB MP3 reader
  • 3 CH timers. Goods are LAD Guarantee …
  • as long as the advertisement still has read goods.

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